Countertop Estimator

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Note: Java must be installed to operate the program.

Do you need to get an estimate to your customer quickly and accurately? Would you like to deliver the estimate without the help of a salesperson?

Along comes the Countertop Estimator...

The Countertop Estimator is an interactive online program that allows someone with no experience to draw and design a countertop layout while providing them with an immediate cost estimate. The software gives both customer and retailer an estimate as accurate as the drawing!

It's easy...

  1. Add countertop shapes to the canvas.
  2. Resize the shapes by interactively moving the edges via a drag and drop interface.
  3. Rotate and move the shapes to create an exact representation of the countertop layout.
  4. Select the color, edge type and backsplash type.
  5. Add sinks, ranges and refrigerators to the estimate.
  6. Select similar colors.
  7. and more!

If you're a retailer or dealer who is interested in this software you'll be pleased to know that the software can easily be changed to reflect your business. You can set the product brands, colors and pricing to be used in the program. The application's color theme can even be modified to take on the style of your company. The limits are endless!

If you're interested in what this software can do for your company and are interested in utilizing it for your company you can email or call me at:

Application Documentation

Help file

If you do not have the Java Virtual Machine Installed on your computer click the Java Logo below.